Ben's Bio

     Ben Kane has been playing and singing since he was thirteen years old and has never stopped learning the classics like Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Neil Young. Born and raised in Waterford CT, his main purpose is to entertain and play the songs that hit the heart or strike a chord with his audience in order to make it a more personable experience for listeners. He also plays guitar with no frills or fancy toys and tricks, just good solid rhythm guitar playing and crisp, clean vocals. Ben's music is filled with influences from older and newer artists that have made people dance to country, folk, rock n’ roll, & the blues throughout the decades. Ben continues to create original songs through the experiences of meeting people and playing the music scene of Connecticut.


      For the past ten years Ben has been part of an acoustic duo, playing covers from the fifties to the nineties, and has played hundreds of shows in venues all over Connecticut and Rhode Island. With new goals to record original songs, this singer and songwriter is excited and looking forward to touring the vineyard scene and performing in bars and restaurants.